Tuesday, 11 October 2016

The Vark Questionaire.

it helped me to learn that I can work better with my hands, this is important because I now understand how to ensure and help my self learn better. I will require the help of the teachers

In the past I have had experience in hands-on computing, I have my own websites. these websites do not come without trial and error which it has had a fare share of. I have tried many different complicated solutions in order to achieve a goal and add different and unique ideas to my website. many of the times it may fail, however I persevere and use my past experience in coding in order to achieve the goal. in order to do this I have used many applications such as filezilla, dreamweaver, Eclipse, and a program in order to compile and Jar files.

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  1. Well done for creating this blog, Amir.

    I was very interested to hear that your have created your own websites. Perhaps you can share the links to those sites on this blog so that myself and other students can see them. I know from experience that will have used a lot of perseverance to create those sites.

    Kinaesthetic learners are very practical and like to learn by trial and error, so that fits with your experience as well.

    As far as this post is concerned, I enjoyed reading it however could you improve the formatting? The first paragraph is in bold and looks like a different font from the second. They should be consistent.

    There is just one punctuation error - the very first letter in the post! Can you see what the error is? Then in the second line of the second paragraph can you spot the spelling error - unfortunately, this one is one that spellcheck would not pick up as being incorrect! Finally, the names of the programmes are proper nouns so should begin with capital letters.

    By proof reading your posts before or after you post them you can make sure they are error free before being read by people like me!